Jul 16, 2008 04:07AM PDT

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Here you have a short overview of the forum sections:

    • My name is
      This section is for users who come in to the forum for the first time. Here Zooppers can introduce theirselves to other Zooppers and the moderators.
    • Coffee & Off Topic
      Messages, interviews, and statements, this is the ideal place to have a good chat about you and what you like most.
    • Helpline
      Write here your technical problems. Did you post your ad twice and don’t know how to delete one of them? Isn’t your video uploaded correctly? Other Zooppers may help you finding a solution for your problems.

    • Ads&Curiosities
      News and trends about the advertising world and the Web. Does an offline adv campaign hit your curiosity? Did an ad catch you? A good new social network? Yes, be the new cool hunter!

    • Creative philosophy & tools
      What gives you the inspiration to create your ads? Photo or illustration? Experimentation or tradition? Here you can talk about the different approaches about ads creation and suggest all precious advices to improve your technique.

    • Points of view & Award
      Debrief contest online: your interpretation on briefs, brands, targets, market, messages, creative approaches. Here you can discuss about Zooppa, from the brief interpretation to the most suitable style to communicate it. Share here your opinion and evaluation about the online contests.

We hope that these ZooppaForum guidelines will be useful to understand the forum philosophy and all the work there is around it. We’d like the Forum to be neat and that info in it could be in order: this will be a great advantage for you to find easily the information you need. For this reason we suggest you to use the “Search” function not to duplicate topics.
Thank you Zooppers, and have fun!