Brad Paisley's American Saturday Night

$ 5,000

Awards assigned

Voting deadline



Members should not use any third party content (e.g. stock photography/video, animation, or other templated content) unless permitted by the Creative Brief. Stock music is allowed only with authentic proof of purchase and a valid audio license.


Brad Paisley Brief

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting one of country music’s biggest, freshest, and most unpredictable stars… He’s here to play some songs and tell some stories, to make a racket and break some hearts… He’s gonna help us all take part in a time honored tradition, loved and cherished from Nashville to San Francisco and all points in between… It’s time to let your hair down, kick up your heels, and have some good clean fun… It’s an American Saturday Night, everybody, so let’s welcome to the Zooppa stage the one and only: Brad Paisley!

That’s right everybody! Zooppa is teaming up with one of the biggest stars in the world to present one of our most exciting competitions ever. Arista Nashville recording artist Brad Paisley has sold millions of records, charted 14 number one singles on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart (the last 10 releases by Brad Paisley all went #1. That is TEN #1 songs is a row), and he’s won multiple Grammy awards, Academy of Country Music awards, and Country Music Association awards. Paisley’s unique blend of humor, sincerity, compassion, and instrumental prowess make him a force unlike any other country musician.

That’s why it’s such a thrill to announce that Brad Paisley wants you, the Zooppa Community, to help promote his eighth album, American Saturday Night. The album retains Paisley’s trademark humor as well as his gift for the well-turned phrase, it also contains some of his most heartfelt and sincere songs.

Arista has provided you with a 90 second edit of the album’s title track “American Saturday Night.” Use the music as the soundtrack for your video ads reflecting the special joy and wonder of an American Saturday Night.

Or make a banner ad reflecting the feeling and themes of the new album.

The most important thing is that your videos and banners prominently communicate the following:

• Brad Paisley’s new album is called American Saturday Night

• Album cover of American Saturday Night

• American Saturday Night is available for purchase starting on JUNE 30TH

As always, cash prizes will go to the best videos and banners. In addition, there will be some special prizes. The creators of each winning video will get an autographed copy of American Saturday Night on CD. And the winner of the brand prize for video will get an exclusive Brad Paisley plaque.

This competition runs from June 15th until August 3rd.

* Normally video submissions are limited to 60 seconds but for this competition you may upload videos up to 90 seconds long.

* Awards won by non-US residents are subject to a 30% withholding for tax purposes.


Due to the special nature of the music industry, in order to participate in this contest we must ask all Zooppa members to sign a legal waiver

This legal release contains an agreement to use the Brad Paisley music & Images only for this Zooppa contest, and an acknowledgement that rights to all submissions will be given to Sony.

Please follow the below link or click on “brief files” above in order to find the Sony Brad Paisley Release Form.:

Brief Files

You must print out, sign, and return this waiver to Zooppa by fax, email or standard mail in order to participate.

Fax, email & address instructions are within this document.

Thanks for understanding the special requirements for this kind of contest.

Have fun & good luck!