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Members should not use any third party content (e.g. stock photography/video, animation, or other templated content) unless permitted by the Creative Brief. Stock music is allowed only with authentic proof of purchase and a valid audio license.


To learn more about IBM's People for Smarter Cities project, and the incredible ideas that shaped this initiative, go to

The IBM: People for Smarter Cities campaign closes on February 25th, 4:00pm PST.

Happy Filming!

Let’s face it, one of the most important things to people are the cities they call home. That’s why it’s necessary to make cities as smart and efficient as possible in order to make life in those cities as good as it can be. To do that, IBM has created a place to bring together citizens, city leaders and smart ideas—to spark positive change in cities all around the world. Because we know a smart idea in one city can make any city smarter, IBM created a place to share those ideas and connect the leaders and forward thinkers who will put them to work. At, leaders can become inspired and citizens can get insights and share knowledge within the community.

Now IBM is reaching out to citizens—thinkers, problem solvers, and creators—and inviting them to join the mission to help make their city smarter and bring their ideas to life. A smart idea is one that drives positive change. It can be an existing story of success, or a simple, new idea that can improve the way a city works. Because there are so many ways to make a city smarter, we want ideas related to any one of 8 Smarter City topics: education, healthcare, environmental, energy & water, public safety, government, buildings and transportation.

Your mission

Participants can post ideas in the form of videos (2 min maximum) —sharing stories of success and progress, and guiding others towards it. Filmmakers can bring their own inspiration to life, or team up with an inventor and help them showcase an inspiring idea.

Here are some criteria to think about when creating your video:
  • Is It Visionary? Could the idea bring a breakthrough change in the way a city is working?
  • Is It Efficient? Does the idea bring immediate outcomes and return on investment for the city and its citizens’ lives?
  • Is It Actionable? Can the idea be implemented easily and quickly? Will it be universal, applicable and useful to most cities?
  • Is It Intelligent? Can we plug intelligence in this idea? Can we capture data that can enable even more improvements and further insights?


  • Must 18 years or older to submit.
  • English is the preferred language, videos will be accepted in other languages provided English subtitles (with correct English grammar and spelling, of course) are included within your film.
  • IBM will have the right to distribute selected submissions (awarded or not) labelled as partner content brought by IBM on their website ( and on their social spaces (IBM pages on Facebook, Youtube, and other social networks).
  • Participants shall not submit their videos to any other competitions.
  • This competition is open only to individuals. Agencies and other legal entities are not permitted to submit entries.
Update 12/13: Users MUST include endslate found in the Materials tab

Additional information

The submissions will be judged based on the idea (see rules tab) and execution. The best submissions will be designated the contest winners and awarded Zooppa prizes.

All smart ideas selected by IBM will be promoted on IBM "" website & social spaces as partner content.