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Jones Soda approaches marketing differently. While most brands hide behind a controlled and carefully scripted communication plan, Jones Soda lives out loud, unscripted and improvisational; as one of the characters invited into a circle of friends. Jones defines broad brand parameters but allows friends to fill in the details, making it one of the original open source brands. They've never believed in jamming their drinks down people's throats with obnoxious TV ads. They like their customers to discover them naturally... at places of common interest like skate parks and snow board hangouts… and online of course. They have always embraced the Internet and the kind of people who appreciate the boundless freedom it offers. It’s about dialogue and interaction… not one-way messaging.

Jones launched itself to the early Internet adopters in the mid nineties and has an established “coolness” with more independent minded people. It connected with the attitudes and values of west coast surfers, skaters and boarders. But are we relevant to today’s 14 year olds? How do they define independent thinking? What’s it mean to be a rebel, edgy or irreverent today? How can we continue to be invited into their circles? How do we continue to be a leading independent, “non Madison Ave approach” Internet marketer?

Jones Soda has been a leading advocate for freedom of expression through sports, drinks and your images on their bottles. As an innovator of new flavors they have always understood the way to somebody's heart is through creativity. Because of their trust in you, they have decided to kick off this new era of sodas with you in mind. In fact, they're depending on you to come up with your new ideas for their brand as defined by you. We want the most relevant independent, edgy, irreverent, rebellious examples of what "cool" is today coming from the people who know Jones best... the customers!

We now know that the rules of the game have changed and that consumers are inserting themselves through the Internet. So let's motivate and show Jones how they can interact and dialogue through our coolest online videos, print ads, banners and concepts and how they should be reaching out to the independent minds of today. Start date Feb 6, deadline April 19.

Total prizes: 7,000 Zoop$