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Old El Paso Mexican food is here with a challenge for you. It's time to test your skills at tempting and tantalizing. It's time to make the most appetizing, mouth-watering, delicious ad you've ever made in your life. When people see and hear your ad, they'll want to reach into the TV or their computer and grab that delicious Old El Paso Mexican meal to serve up right then and there. After seeing one of your ads, of all the meal options in the world, the Old El Paso Mexican meal will be…

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    If you want to be a part of Zooppa's awesome Creative Community, all you need to do is register and complete your personal profile. Simple, right? Then, we’ll let you participate in our contests, vote on other members' contest entries and make nice with other creative members.

  • Who launches the creative contests?

    Brands, from local to world renown, in search of a more innovative way to advertise partner up with Zooppa to sponsor creative contests. These brands also provide a “creative brief” describing who they are and what they want our wonderful Creative Community (that’s you) to make. This brief may also contain the brands logo and anything else you may need to create an entry that will rock their socks.

    Are you a brand looking to launch a contest on Zooppa or to find out more about Zooppa's services? Check out brands section.

  • What kind of entries and how many entries can I upload for each contest?

    The type of entry all depends on what the sponsor wants. They may want videos, print, radio or banner submissions from you. And, unless they specify, you can stay up for a couple weeks by chugging lattes and eating raw sugar to make as many submissions as possible. Go crazy!

  • Who chooses the winning entries?

    The sponsor that launched the campaign chooses the awards known as the “client awards.” This is where the big bucks are divvied out. Also, the Creative Community decides on who gets the “Voting Awards” by (you guessed it) voting for their favorite submissions. Finally, the Zooppa staff assigns the jury prize called “Zooppa Honorable Mentions,” which go to our personal favorite submission, even if it isn’t noticed by the client or voters. After the competition is over and we’ve made sure that the winners are all eligible, we announce the winning entries from atop a mountain (read: Awards page) and we assign the prizes

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    Have you registered and logged in to Zooppa? Do you have a device that is connected to the internet? If the answer is yes, then congratulations! You can vote! When a member votes, he/she will give out a number of stars to a submissions. The number of stars a member can give depends on his/her seniority. Also, you can only vote once. Sorry, not sorry.

  • How are the awards paid?

    Awards that you win on Zooppa’s U.S. platform are awarded in U.S. currency, all in the form of glass jars filled with pennies (just kidding). When you win an award, you will be notified and required to fill our claims forms. This boring paperwork will help to let us know that you have the rights to the content that you submitted, the rights the talent used in your entry and allows you to record tax information about your payment.

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