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Members should not use any third party content (e.g. stock photography/video, animation, or other templated content) unless permitted by the Creative Brief. Stock music is allowed only with authentic proof of purchase and a valid audio license.


There’s nothing like a good-old fashioned rivalry to get us all riled up: Yankees Vs. Red Sox, Montagues Vs. Capulets, Mean Brother Vs. Crybaby Sister and the lesser known yet equally riveting Wild Cheetah Vs. Angry Baboon.

But no matter how big the conflict is, we bet there’s something both sides of any feud hate more than each other: poverty, famine and disease. These things are reminders that there are bigger enemies in the world, and the only way to defeat them is to come together and fight them as ONE.

So that’s what we’re asking you to do. We’re calling on all of you — big or small, liberal or conservative, cat person or dog person — to create an awesome video or print piece that brings opposites together to stamp out poverty.

Please see below to check out our amazing celebrity judges! Finalists will be revealed at SXSW 2013 in Austin, Texas!

ONE is a grassroots advocacy and campaigning organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa, by raising public awareness and pressuring political leaders to support smart and effective policies and programs that are saving lives, helping to put kids in school and improving futures. We often say "We don't want your money, we want your voice."

Your mission

Starting on January 2nd, this contest calls for submissions of both video and print.

If video is your thing, create a short video (in three minutes or less) that brings opposites together to fight poverty. They could be athletes from opposing teams, a superhero and supervillain, feuding neighbors or even comically mismatched roommates.

If print is more your style, express the same point through a digital version of your still artwork.

The first 500 entrants to submit their briefs before January 23 will receive free credits towards photos, illustrations, video or music from iStockphoto to help tell their stories (see below for details).

Lastly, go crazy. These videos can be in-your-face, edgy, fun and/or funny — just make sure they’re also super engaging. They shouldn't wallow in doom and gloom, but rather celebrate what we can make happen. Remember, we don't want your money, we want your voice.

For inspiration on the kind of engaging work we’re talking about, check out this video.

To help decide the winner of this mission, there are a number of prestigious judges:

Colin Farrell Colin Farrell is an actor and active ONE member. His film presence has been filled with memorable roles that range from an inwardly tortured hit man, to an adventurous explorer, a determined-but-failing writer, and the greatest military leader in history.

Jesse Dylan Jesse Dylan is a film director, and the founder, CEO and creative director of the media production company Wondros. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and the founder of Lybba - a non-profit devoted to the benefits of community, data and technology in healthcare - and is the son of singer/songwriter Bob Dylan. He is best known for directing the Emmy Award winning music video "Yes We Can," inspired by Barack Obama's campaign for president.

Tom FrestonTom Freston is one of the founders of MTV and formerly the CEO of MTV and Viacom. He is currently Board Chairman of the ONE Campaign, and also serves on the boards of DreamWorks Animation, Moby Media in Afghanistan, Vice Media and Asia Society where he funded a new department focusing on issues in Afghanistan. He is a consultant to Vice Media and Moby Media.

Andrew Saunders Andrew Saunders is the Senior Vice President, Creative at Getty Images. He manages the global content team to create imagery that is a combination of internal idea generation and that of contributing photographers. His team are focused on helping photographers create the relevant imagery for the marketplace by giving them on-site and long arm art direction and also by supplying creative trend information via the company’s Creative Research team. Over the years the content team at Getty Images have won countless awards in the worlds most prestigious photography competitions.Before joining Tony Stone Images and Getty Images Andrew worked as a commercial photographer. He lives with his partner and three children in North London.


  • For videos, an end-slate should be included and can be found in the material files.
  • Video submission should be no more than three minutes long.
  • Any use of iStockphoto content should be mentioned in the video or print description.
  • Names and/or images of celebrities cannot be used in your submissions.

Additional information

UPDATE 1/24: THE COUPON CODE PERIOD HAS ENDED. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL IDEAS AND WE LOOK FORWARD TO THE FINAL SUBMISSIONS. This contest includes a special arrangement with our key Sponsor iStockphoto®, which is providing the first 500 Zooppa members to enter the contest with free credits to license high-quality creative content from iStockphoto for use in their submissions.
  • The first 150 unique video entrants to submit a concept brief or rough draft of their videos, prior to Jan. 23, 2013, will receive 250 free iStockphoto credits to use in their video entries.
  • The first 350 unique print entrants to submit a concept brief or rough draft (using watermarked images), prior to Jan. 23, 2013, will receive 150 free iStockphoto credits to use in their print entries.
  • Redemption codes will be sent to applicable entrants after the concepts/drafts are reviewed by Zooppa staff for basic requirements. Concepts/drafts will not be displayed on the Zooppa site publicly.
  • iStockphoto credits are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis, to a maximum of 500 entrants. The deadline for entries to be qualified for free credits is January 23, 2013. After the Jan. 23 deadline, all Zooppa-approved entries will be set to display on the Zooppa website.
  • There are six print awards and seven video awards for this contest. One of the video awards is a special award recognizing the top youth entrant. Sponsored by NFFTY, The National Film Festival for Talented Youth, the award includes $1000 and a package to travel and stay in Austin, Texas for SXSW. Film makers are eligible for submitting to the NFFTY Youth Video Award if you meet the age requirement of 22 years and younger as of the submission date 2/26/13. **The submissions that qualify for the under 22 NFFTY award are not excluded from the whole prize pool.

    Content will be used at ONE's live events, on its website, social media, Facebook as well as Twitter feeds from participating stars.