Pago on the Rocks

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Hey Zooppers,

Zooppa is launching a fresh new contest just in time for summer! Pago compensium Fruit juices is asking all you Zooppers to take a break and treat yourself to tropical refreshment on the rocks.

Pago is a major international fruit juice distributor that produces over 30 exquisite flavors. The secret to Pago’s success is its recipe. Because they’re made from 100% percent natural ingredients, Pago’s juices are great tasting, healthy and surprisingly indulgent.

This year Pago is introducing the summer’s coolest refreshment: Pago On The Rocks, a delicious refreshment made from the finest fruits, and designed to be served over ice. Lush tangy flavors such as Pineapple, Banana, Cranberry, Grapefruit, Honeymelon, Cloudy Cherry and Pink Grapefruit can now be enjoyed On The Rocks thanks to Pago. For an ice cold bestseller, it’s got to be Pago Lemon Lime, an exceptional Limited Edition flavor.

So, Zooppers, Pago needs your creative energy now.

Pago wants you to “Express your own Pago On The Rocks”. Your ads should show how Pago’s compensium fruit juices are the essential ingredient for maximum refreshment and ice-cold enjoyment and the new way of Pago consumption (over-ice) with the compensium quality of natural fruit.

Your ads should embody the claim “Pago On The Rocks "The real fruit refreshment”. Use refreshing ideas to create engaging, cool, high quality print ads or concepts that show how the most refreshing moments come with Pago On The Rocks.

All ads must be in English, and must incorporate the new Pago logo and Pago’s new bottle label.

This competition is being launched on both Zooppa Italia and Zooppa USA. Pago is also interested in seeing submissions from Italy, Austria, France, Croatia, Spain and Germany. If you have friends and colleagues in these countries, invite them to submit ads showing how they live their most refreshing moments with Pago On The Rocks!

In addition to the community prize, Pago will also award a special prize to their favorite ad from Austria, Italy, France, Croatia, Spain and Germany. These lucky winners will receive a year’s supply of delicious Pago fruit juices (one bottle per day in multiple flavors), as well as a Pago fridge and 12 Pago glasses.

Are you ready Zooppers? The contest is open from May 14th until July 14th. Pago has put up $1,500 in prize money for the best ads!

For more information on Pago, it’s product portfolio or the new Pago On The Rocks concept visit (or,,,,

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