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Members should not use any third party content (e.g. stock photography/video, animation, or other templated content) unless permitted by the Creative Brief. Stock music is allowed only with authentic proof of purchase and a valid audio license.


ATTENTION: Contest now closing 3/14/12 @ 5pmPST

To kick-off a new charitable program, a Fortune 500 company is taking a bold step to partner with a Grammy-award winning artist and a venture group to launch a movement, currently called WE, that focuses on something that is important to all Americans – jobs.

WE is being created to address the increasing public frustration with the lack of local opportunities for employment and economic mobility in the U.S. WE is the bridge that funds job training and entrepreneurship across America

In the spirit of RED and other massive charitable campaigns that involve many groups working together, from corporations, celebrities and the man on the street, we bring you a contest in that vein. You have an opportunity to be a part of a national campaign that does what everything and everyone should do given the chance: help people. WE is looking for a new logo to launch their campaign.


Create a new logo for the WE initiative using the statements below to help inspire you:

  • WE Believe in the power of community
  • WE UNITE Individuals and Corporations Who Can Invest in America’s Future
  • Together, WE CREATE Opportunity
  • WE STAND For Jobs
  • WE LOVE Innovation
  • WE INVEST In Small Business
  • WE WORK For a Better Future
  • WE ARE America


  • You must submit a jpeg,PNG, or GIF, but if you win you'll be required to have a PSD, EPS, or AI file available
  • The copyright of the logo will belong to the WE campaign.
  • Open to U.S. citizens only


The winning logo has the potential to gain a large amount of exposure
  • WE logo being included into a national retailer's catalogue which will go to 14 million homes in July.
  • 28 million direct mailshot into US homes
  • PSA in theatres across the US on July 4 weekend. Biggest movie going weekend.
  • A Grammy award winning artist choosing the winning design.