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The Detroit Lions and Bombo Sports & Entertainment have partnered to create the world’s first ‘social’ sports documentary. The Season of Your Life combines the award-winning cinematography of NFL Films and behind the-scenes team access, with user-generated footage and the storytelling power of Bombo Sports & Entertainment, to capture not just the story of the 2012 Detroit Lions season, but the experience of being a Lions fan.

The television landscape is littered with pre-game and halftime pieces about crazy fans, and broadcasts are peppered with shots of the most animated. The Season of Your Life: The Detroit Lions Movie goes far beyond this to create a film not about the Lions and their fans, but ‘of’ them. More than that, it is as much an event as it is a film.

Your mission

Create a 1-4-minute video capturing the experience of being a Lions fan. Go beyond the face paint and guttural yells to develop a character and portray, explain or understand their passion for the Lions.

1) Roots – How and when did you become a Lions fan? Why do you stay a Lions fan? Who has impacted your fandom the most? Who do you affect the most? (emotional touchstones and tributes to family and loved ones)

2) Rules and Rituals – How do you root for the Lions? (I watch alone, I watch with friends, at home at a bar, at Ford Field, I travel, I cook, I wear my lucky sox, I always…I never…)

3) I Gotta Be Me (wardrobe, body art, what makes you unique from other Lions fans)

4) Thanksgiving Day (your personal history and memories of the Lions on Thanksgiving Day. A Lions Christmas past and present(s))

5) Catharsis (Capture the highs and/or lows of Lions fandom. How high is high? How low is low?)

The submissions will all look very different but the best will all have one critical element in common; they will be authentic, real, passionate and honest.

Character is more important than aesthetics. Passion is more important than production value. Because the footage will be cut together, please do not add background music to your submissions.


  • Video must be from 1-4 minutes and must treat one of the themes. Submit separate entries for each theme if you like. Each entry has a 4-minute limit. You can use the same fan(s) for each theme or different fans for each. There awards for each of the themes.
  • All music, images, video footage and other content must be either originally produced by the filmmaker submitting the video, or proper permissions must be authorized by the copyright owner. Proper permissions must include the right for the filmmaker to use the content commercially. Likewise, it is the responsibility of the filmmaker to ensure that all permissions are in place for use of actors' likenesses.
  • Because "The Season of Your Life" is produced in association with The Detroit Lions, use of NFL marks and likenesses is acceptable. If you have questions about NFL usage, please head to the forums, or email support@zooppa.com.
  • There are awards for each of the 5 categories,(Roots, Rules & Rituals, I Gotta Be Me, Thanksgiving Day, and Catharsis,) and you are encouraged to submit content for all five.

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Special Terms & Conditions

For the avoidance of doubt, Bombo will own and retain all rights in perpetuity, in all media, in all Entries received during the Competiton.