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Ultimate Software is a leading provider of unified Human Capital Management (HCM) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for global businesses, offering award-winning UltiPro® as SaaS to manage a worldwide workforce.

Ultimate offers complete Human Capital Management; Ultimate Software’s UltiPro® is a comprehensive, end-to-end, HCM solution. UltiPro® enables companies of all sizes from every industry to manage all aspects of their workforce-related processes, from recruitment and onboarding, to HR, compensation planning, payroll & benefits management, to time & attendance and performance management.

Ultimate comprehensive Human Capital Management product is a unified solution, not an integrated one, which is a major differentiator.

Integrating different products from different providers can create a network of patchwork user interfaces, programming languages, workforce reporting and analysis – all potentially pulling from different databases. This integration slows down processes, reduces ease of access, decreases data accuracy for workforce reporting, and affects the user experience.

For over 20 years, Ultimate has executed on their strength of people, product, and passion with one major advantage—their laser-focus on nothing but HR, payroll, and talent management solutions. It’s all they do. Ultimate devotes 100% of their resources to the research, development, and delivery of industry-leading, continuously-evolving HCM technology. Ultimate’s undivided attention on Human Capital Management, and their unified (rather than integrated) solutions, makes them experts in the HCM space.


Human capital management is essentially about all of the processes for hiring, developing, retaining, and protecting a company’s greatest asset—its people. A company has a competitive advantage when it can manage its workforce needs more efficiently and effectively.

Create a 30-second video that illustrates one of the below advantages of Ultimate Software’s UltiPro Human Capital Management solution:

  1. UltiPro is a unified system, rather than an integrated one (see above for reasons why this is an advantage)
  2. Since UltiPro is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), so there isn’t a large up-front cost (like there is with software packages)
  3. UltiPro’s Software-as-a-Service solution grows with your business. UltiPro can be used by companies with 200 employees, and companies with 100,000 employees
  4. With UltiPro’s SaaS solution, there is never a need to dedicate IT staff to service your Human Capital Management software – no matter how big your business is
  5. For the past 20 years, Ultimate Software has focused 100% on Human Capital Management. They are 100% dedicated to research, development and delivery of HCM solutions. It’s all they do

The videos should be friendly and engaging, but professional. The scenarios you create can be aspirational, dramatic, adventurous, or funny, but should remain professional in tone. When aiming for humor, try to go in more of a sophisticated direction, less in a crass direction. Ultipro should be pronounced "UlteePro" when spoken.

Close your videos with the Ultimate Software logo, and a call to action to visit:


Ultimate's business-to-business target audience crosses all industries and includes businesses with as a few as 200 employees and as many as 100,000 employees. Ultimate's primary target audience is HR professionals and our secondary audiences are payroll professionals, information technology professionals, and chief executive-level professionals.

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