What Is Luxury?


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Members should not use any third party content (e.g. stock photography/video, animation, or other templated content) unless permitted by the Creative Brief. Stock music is allowed only with authentic proof of purchase and a valid audio license.


What is luxury and how has it changed in different places around the world? What do people look for in a luxury experience?

Euro RSCG wants to hear what people think about luxury. What does it mean in today's world and which brands do it best?


In under 2 minutes, interview a luxury consumer from any of the following markets:

  • Brazil
  • China
  • Europe
  • India
  • United States
Have them answer the below seven questions:

  1. What brands really “get” luxury today?
  2. What brands seem to have lost their luxury appeal?
  3. What are three words you would use to describe luxury today?
  4. Where does luxury travel still exist?
  5. What hotels really “get” luxury today?
  6. What hotels have lost their luxury appeal?
  7. What are three words you would use to describe a luxury hotel experience today?
We're looking for straightforward interview style pieces, with HD quality footage and crisp clean audio. Multiple entries are encouraged. Interview as many people as you can, and turn in each interview into a separate entry!


  • File Format: 1920x1080/HD/h264/.mov/under100mb
  • Audio is crisp and clear
  • If interview is not in English, English subtitles must be used
  • Please have full resolution/high bitrate file ready to send if requested
  • On upload, indicate in your description field which of the five markets your interview subject belongs to: Brazil, China, Europe, India, or the United States


Prizes will be awarded for the best production value and on how well the interview answers the questions of what luxury is today.

The top three videos will be chosen from all videos submitted.
  • 1st Place Client Award - $4,000
  • 2nd Place Client Award - $2,000
  • 3rd Place Client Award - $1,500
Once those prizes are awarded, five additional awards will be chosen from the remaining videos.
  • Best Featuring Brazilian Luxury Consumer - $500
  • Best Featuring Chinese Luxury Consumer - $500
  • Best Featuring European Luxury Consumer - $500
  • Best Featuring Indian Luxury Consumer - $500
  • Best Featuring United States Luxury Consumer - $500