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Zooppa Forum is a big public space, at the community’s disposal, to interact, exchange opinions, generate new ideas, develop together new opportunities in the advertising world.


Entering Zooppa Forum you accept to be bound to the conditions of use and to the regulations.

You accept that Zooppa has the right to remove, rewrite, move or close any subject in any time it considers necessary.

You accept that all the information sent by you can be conserved in a database. Meanwhile, all this information will not be divulged without your consent. Zooppa does not consider itself responsible for any system violation, which can compromise this information.

The deliberate inobservance to the regulations of this forum can imply the messages’ removal and/or the temporary or definite ban, on moderators and/or administrators’ discretion.


AccountsAll and only the’s registered accounts can participate in the forum.Accounts with nicknames offensive, vulgar or predisposed to cause flames are not admitted.Each user has the right to participate in the forum with only one account. In order to safeguard other users’ opinions and the honest progress of the discussions, the presence of fakes is not permitted.ModerationThe forum is moderated in order to avoid defamations, insults, vulgar speech, spam or flames.Explanations on moderators’ actions are provided only by private messages/e-mails, not within the forum.The moderators indicate the conditions of use and the regulations, to which it’s indispensable to follow.The administrator and/or the moderators can eliminate or change, whitout prior notice, any post they consider defamatory, offensive, abusive or anyway contrary to the law, at their unquestionable judgment.ContentsBefore opening a topic be sure that the same theme is not being discussed in other open topics.0Every topic must be labeled with a title that makes clear its subject matter.Titles and texts must be written respecting the grammatical and orthographical rules. The use of typical chatting abbreviations is thoughtless. Posting sentences with evident and rough errors is a way to disrespect who reads. The moderator can edit texts considered “non grammatical”, at his judgment.Avoid writing in capitals since on the web this means shouting. Avoid the abuse of repeated exclamation and question marks.The respect for everyone (administrators, moderators, experts, users) is in the core of the participation in this forum. It’s forbidden to post messages with vulgar, insulting, offensive contents and denigration towards people, companies, religions and institutions. It’s forbidden to have obviously hostile controversy behaviors and positions towards other users or messages exclusively addressed to destabilize the normal and pacific active participation in the forum.It’s forbidden to send/post material that can break any rule, any law from the user’s country or where is hosted, or any international law.It’s forbidden to post other users’ personal information without their explicit permission and with the purpose of discrediting them.The answers to the messages in the forum must be public, so that they help all the community. The posting of offers, promotions, technical help requests etc, privately, if unwanted, pointed out and proved, implies the immediate exclusion from the forum.CrosspostingIt’s not allowed posting the same message, or parts of it, in more than one area of the forum, except cases of special interest, which must be authorized by an administrator anyway.Crossposting messages will be eliminated and if possible reunited. Repeated cases can lead to the removal of the user.Links, spam e auto promotionActive links are not welcome, even if deepening the subject matter. In these cases it’s recommended to report the resource’s non-active URL.It’s not allowed to insert clearly auto promotional URLs (CROSS-REFERENCES TO YOUR OWN WORKS IN COMPETITION ON ZOOPPA INCLUDED). The moderators will cancel links considered auto promotional, at their judgment. If spamming persists, it can lead to the removal of the user.URLs of websites or pages with illicit and against the law contents will be immediately canceled.ResponsibilityThe moderators and the administration are not responsible for the forum contents and/or any action users or visitors could undertake by any information contained in it. Each one is responsible for their posts.Every user is absolutely supposed to respect the law. Any violation, incitement or suggestion to breaking the rules and llaw in force will be persecuted under the law.