Selected Work

  • The Ultimate Test

    The Ultimate Test

    A technologically advanced alien race scouting the earth for a possible attack...encounters the power of Verizon's 4G Network ... Even them can't match it. In terms of field te...

  • The future is here

    The future is here

    The video demonstrate that the future is acutualy "now" with the new samsung Galaxy and all its awesome features

  • Les Voyeurs

    Les Voyeurs

    Razorfish: ootb

  • Pepto Parties

    Pepto Parties

    4 segments of 15 seconds illustrating how you can party freely

  • Les Voyeurs

    Les Voyeurs

    Basically the video explores the fact that most "social media system" are entities. They are companies and therefore a company is always considered as a separate entity which is...


About me

My name is Olivier Mamet, currently living in Perth, Australia. I just opened my own company and i have been freelancing for 3 years. I originally did an accounting and law degree but really loved movies, ads etc… so i freelanced for a few years doing small stuff here and there trying my luck at a few competitions when i have some free time. Spends a lot of time on tutorial websites as well.
(if you want some updates :P)


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