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Mooooooo... vrrrrooom... munch, munch... pffffft... these are the sounds of global warming. Whether you’re driving your car, eating a burger or growing rice, it’s easy to be a part of the global warming problem. But being part of the solution? Not so much. Ummm... wait – is there a solution?

That’s where Grist comes in.

Grist is an online news source for everything environmental. Their mission is to publish environmental news and commentary, spiked with a sense of humor and designed to motivate readers to take action on behalf of the environment. They are particularly concerned with the easy, every day actions people can take to stem the climate crisis.

Since their inception in 1999, Grist has won numerous awards, and garnered accolades from the mainstream media. In April 2008 Time Magazine called Grist “The Colbert Report of climate change, the Daily Show of deforestation, the Oprah of oil dependency - except with real reporting and analytical journalism.”

Their irreverent tone has paid off particularly with Gen X and Gen Y. Half of their core readers are in their 20s and 30s, an audience that too often has not engaged with environmental organizations. Their readers also include the heads of many environmental organizations, leading environmental scientists, congressional staffers, educators, students, journalists, grassroots activists, and people around the world who care about the environment but wouldn’t necessarily own up to it at a cocktail party. Through their site, our emails, and syndication partnerships with MSN, Yahoo and The Huffington Post, millions of individuals are exposed to their work each month.

At Grist, they understand that global warming is no laughing matter, but they also know that they won’t engage an audience by being dull or sanctimonious. They want the 20 – 30’s, urban progressive crowd to join us in the conversation and creating the solution. So laugh now or the planet gets it.

Alright Zoopers, it's time to motivate, captivate and regurgitate your best videos or banners to let the public know that the global warming conversation is hip and happening on Grist. There will be $5,000 in prizes for the best edutainment videos/banners that will not only make people laugh but have a message that is both compelling and relevant. You have until March 1st 2009 to partecipate!